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Sweeping Karate Kid Gift Ideas (Kobra Kai vs Miyagi-Do)

Our colleciton of recommended Karate Kid merchandise and gift ideas inspired by Kobra Kai and Miyagi-Do. Apparel, acccessories, and much more.
Sweeping Karate Kid Gift Ideas (Kobra Kai vs Miyagi-Do)

I don’t remember how many times I watched Karate Kid on TV, but those were some of the best weekends of my childhood.

Many of us could (and some still can) recite the entire original movie word-for-word. When the YouTube spinoff came out, my little karateka heart was happy as can be: Now the internets would be full of Karate Kid products! And behold. Here are some of the best ones I could find.

“Wax on… Wax off, wax on… wax off.

Wax on… Wax off, wax on… wax off.” – Miyagi

Best Karate Kid Merchandise:

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