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Geeky Cat Toys and Furniture

Geeks and cats go together like subject and predicate. I love cats, and I consider my kitties part of my family. This is why every Xmas they get a little something, too, for example. In any case, if you love cats too and you like pop culture, you’ll probably enjoy this section. I’ve put together a collection of my favorite geeky cat toys and furniture, including geeky cat beds, scratchers, carriers, and activity centers. So, without further ado, here are the top geeky cat gifts for your feline. 

Geeky Cat Toys & Activity Sets

Cat toys tend to be very affordable and small, so don’t feel bad if your living room looks like an exploded piñata. This is normal behavior for humans :) Below you’ll find some geeky cat toys and activity sets to keep your friend entertained and fit. We have fish, we have ribbons. We have cat gyms and laser pointers. And the collection keeps growing!

Geeky Cat Furniture

If you want your feline friends to be happy, you should always provide them with a scratching post and, ideally, a bed they can call their own. 

Other Geeky Cat Accessories

If it’s not a geeky cat toy or a geeky cat furniture, then it’ll be in this section.