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Fake Weapons & Replicas

Fake weapons are objects designed to look like real weapons but are specifically created for use as costume props, in theatrical performances, or for recreational purposes. Fake weapons are typically made from materials such as plastic, foam, or rubber, and they are created to resemble a variety of real-world weapons, such as guns, swords, knives, axes, and other handheld weapons.  Here you will find a selection of swords, axes, fake guns, and props to complete your cosplay or costume look. 

Fake Weapons and Replicas for Cosplay, LARP, etc

Fake weapons are often used in cosplay, Halloween costumes, and other costume events as part of a character’s outfit or to add an extra layer of realism to a costume. They are also used in theatrical performances and movie productions, where real weapons are not practical or safe to use.

Geeky Apparel

Looking for more geeky apparel? Below, you will find some other items I love, including T-shirts and tops, trousers, and pajamas. All of these are inspired by pop culture, games, TV series, manga, and more.