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Geeky Accessories

There’s no better way to express your love for pop culture than by wearing a one-of-a-kind accessory. One of their main advantages is that these smaller items tend to grab less attention from those that are not aware of your hobbies and particular interests… but can be a perfect clue to your passion when noticed by those who share it.

In our geeky accessories section, you will find wearables such as backpacks, watches, shoes, hats, and scarves inspired by TV series, movies, games, and more. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best accessories inspired by pop culture, TV series, movies, games, and more.

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Now, bags and backpacks are something you can potentially use every day. This makes them a particularly interesting geeky accessory option because you’ll be able to look at them frequently and sigh in admiration of your own interest ;) Below you’ll see five random bags from our collection. If you want to see more, including backpacks, laptop bags, and wallets, just click on the headline or the button below. We have many more!

When we’re talking about geeky socks and shoes, there’s actually a pretty impressive selection for both yourself and others if you’re looking for the perfect pop-culture gift. Shoes a little more… out there, but socks are something you can wear and not necessarily show off. So, below you will see some examples of geeky socks and even geekier shoes (remember to click on the button or title if you want to see more!).

A lot of the geeky accessories you will see below lean more toward the cosplay category, but there are still some excellent options that can celebrate geekdom in a more subtle manner (for example, ties with little subtle prints and caps that look like they could belong to a standard sports club). So, here are some examples of geeky hats, scarfs, and belts. 

Ahhh nothing like a keychain to remind you of the things you love every time you get to your (or a) door! We’re serious. Keychains are an excellent way to celebrate geekdom without getting too much attention. Plus, they are small (so you can have tons of them) and make perfect gifts for other enthusiasts. So, here are some ideas – but we have quite a large collection, so feel free to click on the title or button to see all of them.

Lastly, we have also created a curated collection of patches, badges, and stickers you can use on a variety of surfaces. There are geeky patches for your backpack, vinyl stickers for your laptop, and stuff you can stick on your car or bike. Definitely, a more evident way to celebrate your geeky interests, but one that has all sorts of excellent options. So, let’s take a look!