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StarCom Gift Ideas & Products

Welcome to our StarCom products collection. Starcom: The U.S. Space Force was a TV series and motorized toy franchise created in 1987. The show was developed with the help of the Young Astronauts’ Council, and had the intention of sparking young viewers’ interest in the NASA Space Program. Unfortunately, The show earned poor ratings so it was cancelled after 13 episodes. Here you will find great gift ideas inspired by the vintage toy line. 

StarCom Original Vintage Toy Sets

StarCom: The U.S. Space Force had numerous sets, all of them produced in either 1986 or 1988. The first two sets were the Starbase Command Headquarters and the Starbase Station. These were followed by the HQ, Post, Laser Artillery, Medical ay, and Vehicle Repair. Among the vehicles are the Battlecrane, Starwolf, Railgunner, Invader, Shadow Raider, Parasite, and more.  Find these original StarCom vintage sets below. 

StarCom Original Figures

Starcom: The U.S. Space Force released also numerous figures in 1986. The first two were the Robot Drones Cpl. Agon-6 and General Torvek. Then followed the SF Astro Marines, SF Star Wing, SF Starbase Command, and Starmada Invasion. Mattel later released a new series of figures.