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My Little Pony G1 Merch and Gift Ideas

Welcome to My Little Pony G1 merch and gift ideas section. Here you will find an assortment of My Little Pony products, most focused on the first generation of ponies (or G1, the vintage ponies!) but covering up to G4 (Friendship is Magic) and G5 (A New Generation). We have explored the web and gathered some of the best merchandise inspired by these little horses – and discovered some beautiful My Little Pony toy sets, coloring books, coffee mugs, sticker sets, and -if you keep scrolling- a lot of original G1s you can get second hand.

Looking for more My Little Pony content? Check out my Vintage My Little Pony Restorations YouTube Channel (where I regularly restore vintage My Little Ponies and create customs based on the older and newer generations). Other articles you might enjoy: Vintage My Little Pony: What are Nirvana My Little Ponies – My Little Pony Japanese Takara PoniesTools for Restoring and Repairing My Little PonyAll the G1 Merry Go Round PoniesAll the G1 Sea Ponies

My Little Pony Apparel and Accessories

Below you will find some of the best My Little Pony apparel and accessories inspired by the first generation of ponies or G1. We have found inspired T-Shirts, pajamas, pins, socks, and other accessories inspired by ponies.

My Little Pony G1 Products and Merch

A collection of re-issues and toys inspired by the first generation (G1) of My Little Pony. Pony mugs, stickers, books, new releases and even a couple of My Little Pony Christmas ornaments you can still get online.

My Little Pony Books and Guides

My Little Pony books, guides, coloring books, activity books, and others.