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My Little Pony G1 Blue Belle 1983

  • Pose: Collectors Pose.
  • Body Colour: Blue.
  • Hair Colour: Purple.
  • Eye Colour: periwinkle.
  • Symbol: A cluster of twelve periwinkle stars.



Blue Belle is a G1 My Little Pony originally released in 1983. She came as a Flat Foot Pony – all the flat foot ponies are smaller in size then the rest of the collectors pose ponies. The pose is Collectors Pose, with a blue body, purple hair, periwinkle eyes and a cluster of twelve periwinkle stars as the symbol/cutie mark. Blue Belle came with a white original comb and a white ribbon. In the 1983 Sears Christmas catalog this pony was named “Belle”.

UK Factfile story:

Blue Bell loves to explore the woods to find the first bluebells of Spring. She treads daintily through the bushes and pushes the leaves away until she smells the delicious perfume of her favourite flowers – ah! Lovely!

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