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MoonDreamers Dolls and Toys - Vintage Merch

All About the Moondreamer Dolls

The Moondreamer dolls were first released in 1986. These celestially outfitted dolls were made by Hasbro had metallic fabrics. Also, their hair glowed in the dark! Unfortuantely, Moondreamers didn’t do well and the toy line was short-lived. Still, many people have great memories of these dolls, so we thought we would create a page showing all the vintage Moondreamers merch you can still find today. 

Can You Still Find Vintage Moondreamers Dolls?

The short answer is: Definitely! Moondreamers was a short-lived toy line, but Hasbro produced enough so you can still find these dolls in second-hand shops. Still, it’s not aways easy to find information abot the different Moondreamers characters, so if you want to learn more, keep scrolling!

The Original Moondreamer Dolls - 1988 Hasbro

The first generation of Moondreamers included five poseable dolls measuring 5 1/2 inches tall. So, who were the main Mondreamer characters? Here they are, alomgisde their jobs:

  • Crystal Starr: Star-arhcitect and the leader of the Starry Up group
  • Whimzee: Dreamscape artiste and operator of the Dream Machine (basically, a machine that chooses dreams for little sleepers).
  • Bucky Buckaroo: A cloud-punching comet-busting cowboy.
  • Sparky Dreamer: Star-producer and the inventor of the Dream Machine. 
  • Dream Gazer: A mysterious and wise Moondreamer that knows everything under the stars.

Here are the original Moondreamer dolls as they were released in 1988. You can ge them second-hand on eBay today:

What Was Moondreamers About?

Moondreamers were a group of sparkly-dressed characters in charge of everything sky and dream related. For example, they had a Dream Machine that produced dreams for sleepers, and were also in charge of creating and maintaining stars, punching comets, and other celestial activities. One thing that set these dolls apart was their outfits. The trims of them glowed in the dark, and so did their hair and combs. Each Moondreamer also came with a necklace for little kids to wear. These are more difficult to find nowadys, but we have added them to the list below just in case you get lucky!

More Moondreamer Vintage Toys

Bitsy and Roary, and Blinky and Ursa

There are two more Moondreamer characters we haven’t mentioned yet – but these are amongst the most collectible vintage toys out there. They are: Bitsy and her companion Roary, and Blinky and her friend Ursa. Both these cute animals and their Moondreamer dolls had glow-in-the-dark hair and equally shinning clothes with trimmings. They also came with shoes and combs, and the animals had glowing features as well. For example, Ursa the bear had a removable saddle. One thing to mention about these figures is that they were very well designed; the characters can easily sit on the animals without falling off. Just like the the five main Moondreamers, Bitsy and Blinky also came with dream crystal necklaces and a stand.

  • Blinky and Ursa: A shy and hardworking character that rides a white bear called Ursa.
  • Bitsy and Roary: A Moondreamer that owns a courageous and outgoing lion (and, according to Hasbro, a bit of a snob. I kid you not). 

This Mondreamers figure was released in 1986 and features Moondreamer Bitsy. It came with its companion Roary the Lion. Find Bitsy on eBay >

This Moondreamers figure was released in 1986 and features Ursa the Bear, which came with Blinky. Find Roary on eBay >

This Mondreamers figure was released in 1986 and features Moondreamer Blinky. It came with its companion Ursa the Bear. Find Blinky on eBay >

This Moondreamers figure was released in 1986 and features Ursa the Bear, which came with Blinky. Find Roary on eBay >

The Moondreamers Twilight Team

The Twilight Team from Moondreamers was a couple of extraordinary characters: Celeste, and her dragon Galaxia. They were in charge of bringing on the night, riding across the sky. Both these dolls had glow-in-the-dark hair and sparkling outfits. They also came with a hairpin and included a necklace, barrettes, and ribbons, as well as a stand and a magic wand. 

  • Celeste: A Moondreamer in charge of bringing the night.
  • Galaxia: A magical dragon ridden by Celeste across the sky. 

This Mondreamers figure was released in 1986 and features Moondreamer Celeste. It came with its companion Galaxia the Dragon. Find Celeste on eBay >

This Moondreamers figure was released in 1986 and features Galaxia the Dragon, which came with Celeste. Find Galaxia on eBay >

The Moondreamers Snoozers, Sleep Creeps, and Evil Scowlene

There were some other characters within the Moondreamers toy line. These were:

  • The Snoozers: These were the Moondreamers’ helpers, a group of friends that soothe little people to sleep. They also sprinkle sleepy stardust into children’s eyes and bump the night with earmuffs. These dolls had glow-in-the-dark eye decorations, fuzzy pajamas, removable earmuffs, hats, sunglasses, and buckets of stardust.
  • The Sleep Creeps: The Moondreamers Sleep Creeps were the helpers of Evil Scowlene. These creatures woke children up with their flashlights and filled the night with loud creaky noises. These mischievous sleep creeps had fuzzy bodies, bright decorations, removable shoes, megaphones, and flashlights.
  • Evil Scowlene: This mean dream queen has never slept! She is constantly trying to steal the materials that make good dreams and make people cranky. She also wakes people up at night with her bad dream crystals and loud noises. The figure came with a Yawny for her hair, a stand, and a necklace with a bad dream crystal. 

This figure was released in 1986 and features Evil Scowlene. Look at those fluffy slippers! Find her on eBay >

These Moondreamers figures were released in 1986 and feature the helpers called the Snoozers. There are three of them. Find the Snoozers on eBay >

These figures were released in 1986 and feature the evil little assistants called the Sleep Creeps. There are three of them. Find the Sleep Creeps on eBay >

New Moondreamers Merch and Gift Ideas

Moondreamers was released in the 1980s, and as we mentioned the toy line didn’t do too well. However, there is a following for the figures that continues to exist, as many of us have great memories of these dolls. Below you will find some new Moondreamers merch inspired by the original Hasbro toy line.

There are currently no new Moondreamer products to display.

Moondreamers FAQ

Are There Any Moondreamers Movies or TV Series?

Unfortunately, no. Moondreamers was only a toy line. We could have seen a show, as I’m sure there was one in the making, but the dolls didn’t do as well as Hasbro expected so they were short-lived. 

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