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Geeky Books, Artbooks, Guides & Comics

Welcome to our Books section! Glad to see you around ;) Here will find a collection of comics and manga, artbooks, popular science books, coloring books, and the ones we couldn’t classify in those, all lovingly chosen and curated. Enjoy!

Artbooks & Guides

We have collected some of the best geeky Artbooks & Guides for you to explore. In this section, you will find our favorite roleplaying rulebooks and adventure modules, gorgeous artbooks from your favorite movies, games and series, and some special edition publications to add to and display proudly in your collection. See all Artbooks & Guides >

Comics & Manga

In our Comics & Manga section you will find a selection of popular and award-winning comics from famous and independent publishers, as well as Japanese manga and graphic novels based on some of our favorite TV series, games, and movies. See all Comics & Manga >

Coloring Books

Coloring has the ability to relax the fear center of your brain, the amygdala. Apart from being a fun activity for relaxation, coloring books improve motor skills and vision. Explore our curated collection of geeky coloring books inspired by TV series and movies, games, vintage toys, comics, and more – and find the perfect match for you interest! See all Coloring Books >

Popular Science Books

Our collection of Popular Science Books has a thorough selection of some of our favorite science books, including topics such as biology, astronomy, psychology, philosophy and more. Learn something new or refresh what you already know. See all Popular Science Books >

Other Books

There are many Books that don’t belong on the categories above. We have created a special section for this one-of-a-king geeky selection of literature. Here you will find a nice set of biographies and both fiction and non-fiction novels, as well as special editions and limited book collections. See all Other Books >