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Thundercats Action Figures & Merch

Welcome to our Thundercats action figures and vintage toys and merch collection. On this page, you will be able to find the best action figures, apparel, and accessories inspired by the 1980s series Thundercats. We have both vintage figures and new merch, so make sure you take a look a the whole page!

About the Thundercats TV Series and Figures

Thundercats is a popular TV series that debuted in the year 1985. A toy line was launched at the same time, produced by LJN. The toyline lasted three years and had quite a small distribution. This is why the Thundercats action figures (especially the Thundercats figures 1985) are relatively hard to find (at least when compared to other toylines from the 80s such as Transformers or He-Man and MOTU).

Vintage Thundercats Figures (1985)

The vintage Thundercats action figures are about six inches tall and made of both hard rubber and plastic. Most of them have articulations at the shoulders, hips, and neck and can attack with their weapons. A couple of Thundercat figures also have eyes that lit up when you press a ring in the back. The line was called “Battle-Matic Action” (a term that was also used by other lines such as D&D toys). LJN also made smaller poseable figures for companions and allies. Some of these original 1985 LJN Thundercats figures are quite expensive today (for example, Bengali is usually around $300!) however you can get the common ones for a little over $10.

What are the Rarest Thundercats Figures?

The rarest vintage Thundercats action figures (1985-1988) are, in order of “affordability” (or not-so-much:

New Thundercats Merch

Enthusiasm for the series hasn’t faded since the 1980s, so there are lots of Thundercats merchandise and new action figures you can get quite easily today. Below are some of our favorite toys, apparel, accessories, and props inspired by Thundercats.