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Geeky Glasses & Goggles

Prop glasses are a type of eyewear that is used as a costume accessory in theater, film, cosplay, and other costume events. They are designed to look like a variety of different types of glasses, such as reading glasses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses. Here you will find a selection of geeky accessories for your eyes, including steampunk glasses and Quidditch goggles.

Fake Glasses and Prop Glasses for Cosplay

Prop glasses are typically made from plastic, and they often have non-prescription lenses or no lenses at all. They can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they are often used to add an extra layer of realism to a costume or to help create a specific character.

Geeky Apparel

Looking for more geeky apparel? Below, you will find some other items I love, including T-shirts and tops, trousers, and pajamas. All of these are inspired by pop culture, games, TV series, manga, and more.