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She-Ra Princess of Power Gift Ideas and Vintage Toys

She-Ra Princess of Power Gift Ideas & Vintage Toys

She-Ra Princess of Power is an American animated television series. The principal figure is Princess Adora, the sister of He-Man (Prince Adam). The original cartoon was an attempt to make a version of the Masters of the Universe TV series that would appeal to young girls. The She-Ra Princess of Power toy line was produced by Mattel from 1984-87 and consisted of 5-1/2 inches tall dolls with brushable hair and several accessories. It was discontinued in 1987.

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She-Ra Princess of Power
The Mattel Vintage Toy Line

In 1984, riding on the success of the immensely popular He-Man and the Masters of the Universe franchise, Mattel expanded their toy line with a spin-off series called “She-Ra: Princess of Power.” This new animated series introduced a strong female protagonist, Princess Adora, who transforms into the powerful She-Ra to battle the forces of evil alongside her allies in the Great Rebellion.

Mattel seized the opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of the show by producing a line of dolls based on its characters. These dolls were meticulously designed to resemble their animated counterparts, capturing the essence and unique characteristics of each character.

The centerpiece of the doll line was, of course, She-Ra herself. Standing tall and mighty, the She-Ra doll featured articulated joints for poseability and often came equipped with her iconic Sword of Protection, allowing fans to recreate epic battles against the Evil Horde.

Below, you will find a collection of (mostly second-hand and available through eBay) She-Ra Princess of Power vintage toys and sets. 

She-Ra Princess of Power Apparel and Accessories

A few He-Man and Masters of the Universe-centric accessories and decorations. Original MOTU merchandise including backpacks, figures, and more.

She-Ra Princess of Power Action Figures, Plushes & Toys

Masters of the Universe plushes, toys, and action figures. Statues, buildings, and other MOTU goodies. 

She-Ra Princess of Power Books and Comics

Masters of the Universe books and comics. Behind the scenes, extended stories, and more. Explore the fantastic MOTU Minicomic collection. 

She-Ra Princess of Power Props and Costumes

A few ideas for cosplaying as Masters of the Universe characters – or for decorating your home or office! MOtU-Inspired swords, apparel, accessories and props. 

Masters of the Universe Posters and Cards

A few beautiful Masters of the Universe posters to decorate your room or office – and cards to surprise your loved ones.

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