She-Ra Princess of Power Gift Ideas and Vintage Toys

She-Ra Princess of Power Gift Ideas & Vintage Toys

She-Ra Princess of Power is an American animated television series. The principal figure is Princess Adora, the sister of He-Man (Prince Adam). The original cartoon was an attempt to make a version of the Masters of the Universe TV series that would appeal to young girls. The She-Ra Princess of Power toy line was produced by Mattel from 1984-87 and consisted of 5-1/2 inches tall dolls with brushable hair and several accessories. It was discontinued in 1987.

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She-Ra Princess of Power Apparel

A collection of T-Shirts for everyone, inspired by She-Ra Princess of Power. Some of these have a wonderful vintage look to them – using original art and new compositions of classic She-Ra and MOTU characters, creatures, and places. 

She-Ra Princess of Power Vintage Toys

A collection of (mostly second-hand and available through eBay) She-Ra Princess of Power vintage toys and sets. 

She-Ra Princess of Power Decorations and Accessories

A few He-Man and Masters of the Universe-centric accessories and decorations. Original MOTU merchandise including backpacks, figures, and more.

She-Ra Princess of Power Action Figures, Plushes & Toys

Masters of the Universe plushes, toys, and action figures. Statues, buildings, and other MOTU goodies. 

She-Ra Princess of Power Books and Comics

Masters of the Universe books and comics. Behind the scenes, extended stories, and more. Explore the fantastic MOTU Minicomic collection. 

She-Ra Princess of Power Props and Costumes

A few ideas for cosplaying as Masters of the Universe characters – or for decorating your home or office! MOtU-Inspired swords, apparel, accessories and props. 

Masters of the Universe Posters and Cards

A few beautiful Masters of the Universe posters to decorate your room or office – and cards to surprise your loved ones.

Featured Masters of the Universe Collections