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Geeky Patches, Badges & Stickers

Welcome to our Patches, Badges & Stickers section! Here you will find a collection of lovely decorations for your backpack or notebook, including embroidered patches and an extensive collection of vinyl stickers. These items are perfect to accessorize your apparel or bag, and the best part is: They are super affordable! So, let’s take a look at my favorite ones in case you find them attractive too.

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Stickers are light, cheap, and can be extremely colorful. Which maks them perfect to celebrate your geekdom. There are stickers covering practically all subjects and topics, so it’s not hard to find the one that refers to your favorite TV series, game, book, etc. Below (and through the link in the title and button), you will find some of my favorite stickers.

Badges and patches are a great way to celebrate your geekdom and love for pop culture, comics, books, TV series, and gaming. Below, you will find a selection of my favorite curated badges and patches you can sew on or glue on your accessories.