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Geeky Ferret Toys

Ferrets love to play with toys, no matter if you make them yourself, buy them from someone who specializes in handmade ferret toys, or get them from a massive shopping portal. What’s important is to make sure the toys are safe (and find out what your pet’s favorites are). On this page, I’ll tell you a little more about what kinds of toys ferrets like and give you a few good ideas! I’ll also go through which toys are safe for ferrets (and which ones should be avoided). 

What Toys do Ferrets Like?

Ferrets like all sorts of toys, but their favorites will usually be either structures they can climb or things they can carry on their mouth. Both of these categories offer several options, so it should be easy to find the perfect toy for your ferret friend.

You don’t have to spend money to create awesome ferret toys. You can actually make them yourself too, and you don’t even need fancy materials. A great ferret toy idea is actually… a cardboard tube! You can use the ones left over from kitchen towels or toilet paper rolls and join them together to create tunnels. If you leave them short, the ferrets can roll around in them (how cute is that!?). Other handmade ferret toys include balls of paper, empty plastic bottles (it’s best to seal them shut and add some coins or small objects inside so they make noise), fabric scraps, and cardboard boxes.

If you’re looking for longer-lasting toys, there are two types ferrets love. One is hard-plastic toys made of PVC (such as PVC pipes or plastic ferret tunnels). These are usually very difficult to break. The other is fleece toys. Fleece is extremely durable too, which makes it an ideal material for ferret hammocks and plush toys. 

Can Ferrets Play with Cat Toys?

Yes! As long as the toys are safe for ferrets, too. Hard plastic toys, which are popular with cats, are great for ferrets, too, because (as we saw) they are durable and easy to clean. If you’re having safety concerns, these are the types of toys you should avoid giving to your ferret:

  • Cloth with loose ends or threads: Blankets, stuffed toys, or anything where the threads can come loose can potentially be dangerous for ferrets. They can swallow them or get wrapped on their feet. This is why fleece is a great idea; it doesn’t lose threads!
  • Latex or soft rubber toys: You should avoid these (a good example are dog toys, which tend to be chewy) because the pieces could be swallowed by your ferret and cause obstructions.
  • Sharp edged toys: Anything that can break and create sharp edges or points is a big NO for ferret toys. This includes metal cages and broken plastic. 

Do Ferrets Like Squeaky Toys?

They do, but you should avoid squeaky toys that are made of rubber or soft plastic. These can break, and your ferret could eat the pieces – which has the potential to cause serious stomach or intestine obstructions. 

The Best Ferret Toys You Can Get

We’ve included a few different things in the list below (not all are specifically designed for ferrets, though! But they are safe for them). To reiterate: Don’t give your ferret anything made of threads that can come loose, rubber that can break, or anything that had sharp edges.