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Games & Hobbies

Everone needs a good hobby (or, in my case, an endless series of them). The good news is: here are so many to choose from. I tend to be more indoorsy, so in this Games & Hobbies collection, you will find a selection of gift ideas (for yourself or others) inspired by what I love to do. I’ve included jigsaw puzzles, gadgets, microscopes and telescopes, brainteasers, roleplaying gifts, tabletop games, and STEM toys. I hope you can also find something to quench that desire to relax and wind down!

Geeky Puzzles & Brain Teasers

We all love a challenge, and what better one than a relaxing and colorful jigsaw puzzle or a mind-bending brain teaser? Whether you’re looking for a beginner-friendly gift or a more elaborate dare, you’ll surely find something here to scratch that intellectual itch. The list below shows a random selection of five products, but you can see more if you click on this link ot the button below the images. See all Puzzles & Brain Teasers >

Crafts, Cosplaying & PaperCraft

In the last dozen years, papercraft has become quite an interesting hobby with tons of excellent products you can try. Another great crafting hobby is cosplaying. So, in this section (you can click on the button or link to see all), you will find a selection of DIY materials, kits, and games to fulfill your crafting ambitions. See all Crafts >

Gadgets & Gaming Accessories

Standalone consoles (vintage and new), cartridges, controllers, funky headphones, and more. Here you will find a selection of some of the best 3D printers, VR sets, drones, and any more ideas to do with gaming. See all Gadgets & Gaming Accessories >

Microscopes & Telescopes

Here you will find a selection of kits that will take you to the smallest or the biggest of universes. See all Microscopes & Telescopes >

Roleplaying Gifts

 In this collection you’ll find an assortment of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and World of Darkness among other roleplaying worlds’ products, presents and ideas. See all Roleplaying Gifts >

Science Kits & STEM Toys

Here we have gathered some of the best educational toys available from Amazon. We have science kits that explore solar power, magnetism, crystal growing and electronics. See all Science Kits & STEM Toys >

Tabletop Games & Board Games

Here we have gathered a collection of some of the best tabletop games out there, including several special editions of Monopoly, limited games and all-time stars. See all Tabletop Games & Board Games >