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Geeky Masks, Hats & Helmets

Masks can serve many purposes, from practical to artistic, and they have been used throughout history in a variety of ways. They are often used in cosplay and other costume events to help create a specific character or to enhance the overall look and feel of a costume. Here you will find a selection of accessories for your costume, including helmets, hats, caps and vinyl masks.

Recommended Masks, Hats and Helmet

If you’re looking for masks, hats, and helmets for your next cosplay project (or costume party), here are some of my favorite geeky options. Let me show you!

Geeky Apparel

Looking for more geeky apparel? Below, you will find some other items I love, including T-shirts and tops, trousers, and pajamas. All of these are inspired by pop culture, games, TV series, manga, and more.