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Rainbow Brite Dolls and Merch

All About Rainbow Brite Dolls & Merch

Rainbow Brite was a television series and a range of dolls and merchandise released around the year 1984. Since its creation, Rainbow Brite has attracted incredible interest. Many collectors look for Rainbow Brite dolls and merchandise, and luckily there’s a lot of it still around! If yuo’re looking for the original Rainbow Brite dolls, vintage toys based on the TV series and movie, or new stuff inspired by them. you’ve come to the right place.

Where Can You Find Vintage Rainbow Brite Dolls and Toys?

The short answer is: Of course! There tons of Rainbow Brite toys made in the 1980s, and you can still find the large majority of them today. What’s even more, because the series and the dolls were so popular, you can also find lots of new Rainbow Brite Dolls and Color Kids collection products. In this page, we have gathered gift ideas for Rainbow Brite lovers; including dolls, books, apparel and accessories. 

The Rainbow Brite Dolls - 1983 Mattel

The first generation of Rainbow Brite and Color Kids dolls was created by Mattel in 1983 (with the series ranging from 1984 to 1987). Many toys were produced around this time, including a large line of school supplies, activity books, and puzzles. The most popular Rainbow Brite merch was, however, the dolls. There were three large dolls (20″ tall Shy Violet, Rainbow Brite, and Patty O’Green), four medium dolls (16″ tall Rainbow Brite, Red Butler, Canary Yellow, and Patty O’Green), and some small dolls, animals, sprites, and dozens of other boxed toys. The 9″ tall “Dress Up” line of Rainbow Brite dolls is the most sought-after vintage line by Rainbow Brite collectors – in particular Moonglow, which was only sold in Germany. These dolls had velcro on one hand and usually came with a Pocket Sprite that could be attached to it. 

What Was Rainbow Brite About?

Rainbow Brite is the story of an orphan girl named Wisp, who is sent to a colorless world by an unknown force to bring color to it. There, she befriends Twink, Starlite, and the Color Kids. Rainbow Brite uses her her signature color belt to vanquish The Dark One, aided by Murky Dismal and Lurky. 

The Rainbow Brite Poseable Figures - Miniatures

There were six initial miniature poseable figures released in the UK and Europe (but not the USA). These vintage figures, which you can get today, are a great way to acquire Rainbow Brite merchandise for a small price.

The UK figures are (you can click on the link to see the eBay products): Rainbow Brite, Canary Yellow, Patty O’Green, Shy Violet, Baby Brite, and Twink. The seven Rainobw Brite miniature figures produced and sold in the USA are: Rainbow Brite, Red Butler, Canary Yellow, Buddy Blue, Twink, and Starlite. 

This figure was released in 1983 and features Rainbow Brite Herself. Find on eBay >

This figure was released in 1983 and features Canary Yellow. Find on eBay >

This figure was released in 1983 and features Patty O’Green. Find on eBay >

This figure was released in 1983 and features Shy Violet. Find on eBay >

This figure was released in 1983 and features Twink. Find on eBay >

This figure was released in 1983 and features Baby Brite. Find on eBay >

This figure was released in 1983 and features Buddy Blue. Find on eBay >

This figure was released in 1983 and features Starlite. It came with a mini Rainbow Brite, too. Find on eBay >

New Rainbow Brite Merch and Gift Ideas

Rainbow Brite was released in the 1980s, but the show and its merch still have fans worldwide today (not to mention, Hallmark released a new line of merchandise in 2015). That’s why you can find some incredible products that will remind you of the cartoon and the Rainbow Brite dolls – with a more modern look (in particular, brighter colors ;)). Below are our favourite Rainbow Brite merch ideas and products.

Rainbow Brite FAQ

The premise of the show is a young girl, Wisp, who is brought to a gray, desolate land and given the mission to bring color to the world. She does this by locating the Sphere of Light. On her adventures, she befriends a sprite called Twink and a horse named Starlite. With their help, Wisp locates the Color Belt and rescues the seven Color Kids, that had been trapped by the King of Shadows. Here are some common questions people ask when looking information about the vintage TV series, toy line, and movies based on Rainbow Brite. 

Are There Rainbow Brite Movies?

Many of us, having grown familiar with the Rainbow Brite toys and merchandise, don’t always remember that there is a Rainbow Brite TV series and a Rainbow Brite movie, the latter made in 1985. It’s called “Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer”, and it was directed by Bernard Deyriès and Kimio Yabuki. The movie is about Rainbow Brite and her magical horse Starlite, who must confront the Dark Princess and use magic, color, and cleverness to restore the light.  

Where Can I Watch Rainbow Brite?

If you’re asking yourself what’s a good place to watch Rainbow Brite (both the old stuff and the new series), there actually a few places you can try. It depends on the country where you live, but if you are in the United States, you can definitely watch Rainbow Brite on Amazon. And yes, we mean the vintage TV series! Here is a link so you can star watching immediately:

When Was the Rainbow Brite TV Series Aired?

The Rainbow Brite TV series aired from 1984 to 1986, and followed the adventures of the color protector and her friends, including the color kids, Rainbow Brite’s horse Starlite, and Brian, her human friend. The series has 13 episodes and just one season. The highest rated ones are “Peril in the Pits” (episode 1, where Rainbow Brite tries to cheer Brian after he walks right through a rainbow and is covered in colors) and “Rainbow Night” (episode 8, when Murky Dismal kidnaps Moonglow and causes the sky to lose its stars).