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Geeky Costumes, Props & Replicas

Welcome to my Costumes, Props & Replicas section! Here, you will find a thorough selection of some of my favorite costumes, accessory props, and weapon and trinket replicas. I’ve added costumes for adults, kids, and pets, earns, horns, masks, hats, and much more. The perfect gallery to get inspired for Halloween or costume parties. 

Costumes for Adults

Who doesn’t love dressing up? You can use these adult costumes to engage with different aspects of your identity and let your imagination run wild. I’ve picked a few good options, so there should be something here to inspire you. There are many reasons why you might want to find a perfect geeky costume. Whatever yours is, here are some good ideas to help you execute your idea. See all costumes for adults >

Ears, Horns & Wigs

Prop ears and horns can be made from a variety of materials, such as foam, latex, or silicone, and they can be attached to headbands, clips, or other fasteners. In this section, you will find a selection of prosthetic ears, horns, and colorful wigs for cosplaying, costumes, and Halloween. See all earns, horns, and wigs >

Fake Weapons & Replicas

Fake weapons are objects designed to look like real weapons but are specifically created for use as costume props, in theatrical performances, or for recreational purposes. Here, you will find a selection of swords, axes, fake guns, and props to complete your cosplay or costume look. See all prop weapons and replicas >

Other Geeky Props

Props are objects or items used on stage or in a film or TV production to enhance performance or storytelling. We also all love them as decorative items or accessories, of course. See all other props and replicas >

Glasses, Masks & Hats

Prop glasses are a type of eyewear that is used as a costume accessory in theater, film, cosplay, and other costume events. Masks can serve many purposes, from practical to artistic, and they have been used throughout history in a variety of ways. In these sections, you’ll find some of my favorite props in these categories. See all glasses and goggles > / See all masks, hats, and helmets >

Geeky Costumes for Kids and Pets

Costumes are an excellent way to express one’s identity and celebrate our favorite characters and historical figures. Here, you will find some of my favorite costumes for geeky kids and geeky pets. See all costumes for kids > / See all costumes for pets >