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ThunderCats Vinyl Figures Lion-O and Mumm-Ra

Experience the ultimate clash between good and evil with the ThunderCats Vinyl Figures Lion-O and Mumm-Ra. This dynamic duo of collectible figures brings the iconic characters to life with their vibrant designs and attention to detail.

  • Original and official Thundercats figurines.
  • Includes 2 figures: Lion-O & Mumm-Ra.
  • Material: Made of vinyl. 
  • Height: 10 cms.



Lion-O, the courageous leader of the ThunderCats, stands strong with his Sword of Omens, while Mumm-Ra, the ancient and malevolent sorcerer, emanates dark power. Display them side by side or pit them against each other in an eternal battle for control of Third Earth. These vinyl figures are a must-have for ThunderCats fans, adding a touch of nostalgia and epicness to any collection.

Great buy for those old timing ThunderCats lovers! You won’t be able to believe the details and colors of these vinyl characters. Fast delivery and excellent quality action figures!