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Thundercats Wave 1 Blind Box

Embark on an exciting Thundercats adventure with the Thundercats Wave 1 Blind Box. Each blind box contains a surprise Thundercats collectible, allowing you to discover your favorite characters in a fun and suspenseful way.

  • Fully Posable figures with multiple Accessories.
  • Chance at Rare Chase Figures.
  • Each Figure is Roughly 3.2 Inches Tall.
  • Purchase is For 1 Randomly Assorted Blind Boxed Figure.



Will you unbox Lion-O, Panthro, or another Thundercats hero? The possibilities are endless! With exquisite details and vibrant colors, these collectibles pay homage to the beloved 80s animated series. Collect, display, and trade with friends to complete your Thundercats collection. Unleash the nostalgia and anticipation with the Thundercats Wave 1 Blind Box, the perfect treasure trove for Thundercats fans of all ages.

This is perfect for any fan of Thundercats who is seeking mystery and thrill! 10 potential 3.25″ figurines to collect who have been packaged in a blind box that contains 1 randomly packaged figurine inside. Figurine has multiple points of articulation and interchangeable accessories. They are packaged in a foil bag and 4C box with a collector’s card.