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Top 10 Science Kits and Experiments for Geeky Kids and Grownups

From chemistry to magnets, robots, and recycled toys, these science kits will keep you entertained and shape your brain. For all ages.
Top 10 Science Kits for Kids and Grownups

We love science toys, kits, and experiments. They promote extended imaginative play, are a great educational tool, and are so much fun to use! I grew up with a chemistry set our parents invested in and gave us for Christmas. We played for years with the same set, and even had a “laboratory” – hell, we even had membership cards for the kids of the neighborhood!

These kits have been selected to represent different disciplines and levels (you can find the info in each description or bullet list), so there is a nice variety to pick from. They are all hands-on activities and supplies that meet the strictest science standards and get support from real scientists and educators, and they are not just the classical sets but little gems you can easily get from Amazon.

Science kits and experiments make a great gift for older kids and grown-ups alike. Take a look at our selection, and share with us if you had a favorite science toy or kit when growing up!

Best Science Kits:

Math Magic Kit

KidzLabs Math Magic Puzzles and Games

Math Magic has everything you need for over 15 tricks, puzzles, and games. Amaze your audience with number tricks, speed calculations, and funny math tricks.

  • Perfect for the beginning magician or the young math enthusiast.
  • Made using safe and high-quality materials.
  • Kit includes a keychain calculator.
  • Fun and educational.
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4M Magnet Science Kit

Magnet Science Kit

  • Perform 10 fun experiments and games
  • Make a Super Power Horseshoe magnet or a Magnet Wand.
  • Construct a Super Magnet Racer, a Yacht Compass or a Mysterious Dangler.
  • Have great fun playing a Fishing Game or creating a Magnetic Sculpture, and so much more!
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