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Why Everyone Should Collect Vintage Toys

Did you know that collecting is one of the fastest-growing fields? Toy collection is no exception. Here's why you should consider doing it, too.
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Did you know that collecting is one of the fastest-growing fields? Well, you’ll be amazed to know that the trend of collecting vintage toys has increased over the past few years, too. When you were young, you might have collected Lionel trains, Pez dispensers, and Hot Wheels. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones that have kept them in excellent condition – ideally along with their accessories or even boxed!

But are these vintage toys worth money, or is it only sentimental value attached to them? Now the question is, why should everyone collect vintage toys? Even if it’s not their hobby, is it worth collecting them? To see if this is a viable option, you must first learn what vintage toys are and why they are so important.

What Are Vintage Toys?

Our childhood toys can stir powerful emotions and memories that reconnect us to places, people, and time long gone. There is no proper definition of vintage toys, but most would agree that a toy older than 40 can be called a vintage toy. However, this is a rather flexible definition. Items that date back between 1918-1978 can also be called vintage.

Vintage toys can be defined in specific ways depending on preconceptions and needs. For example, for some people, older models of cars or bikes can be vintage. But what makes them vintage or old is that they were made in a different era with no longer available materials.

The Trend of Collecting Vintage Toys

The trend of collecting vintage toys increased massively during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were stuck at home and many had run out of things to do! So they started buying and playing vintage card games, including Pokémon and Monopoly. Although this hard lockdown time has eased, people are still interested in buying and selling old-school toys and games. With the reboots and remakes of old movies, serials, and cartoons of the 1970s-1990s, the trend of collecting vintage toys has seen a massive increase in the market.

Why Do People Collect Vintage Toys?

Vintage toys can cause nostalgic feelings in people who want to cherish and honor their childhood memories, but this is, of course, not the only reason. Some collectors buy vintage toys at lower prices and sell them in markets, or their clients earn a handsome amount. While for some, collecting vintage toys, especially the ones in good condition, is great fun. They want to connect with their childhood through these toys, and memories are more important than money. Now, how can you make a good investment in a vintage toy collection?

If you are interested in collecting some good stuff, you must learn a few things before buying so your money is well-spent. For instance:

Choose Toys That Are In Great to Perfect Condition

Finding vintage toys in mint condition is quite tricky, but this should be your priority. Even used toys are worth buying for more than the original price but still look for the ones that are well maintained.

Buy the Collection you Love

Always invest in something you love, whether buying or selling it. Every investment comes with a risk, but if you choose the collection of your choice, at least you’ll be satisfied.

Go for Limited Edition Vintage Toys and Games

The most valuable games or toys are the ones that are created in small quantities as compared to the ones built in masses.

Research Before Buying

You should research well before buying any vintage toy. Make sure what you buy at that price is worth it, or your money will be wasted.

Are Vintage Toys Valuable?

Several people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for vintage toys to relieve the nostalgia of their childhood. They are a source of returning to their childhood and cherishing all those good memories. Vintage toys are in high demand these days, so they carry increased prices. If you have a vintage toy collection locked up in your attic or basement, hurry up, take it out, and sell it, as it can be of some good fortune now.

If you want to make some extra cash, start digging out your old comic books, games, action figures, and dolls. The toys you once considered were only your fun childhood memory is now precious. Both the people who are feeling nostalgic and the collectors are willing to pay hundreds of bucks for your goodies.

Things from which you can know the worth of your vintage toys:

  • The older, the better: Only some of the old toys that you own need to be valuable. But there might be a few games or car models in your toys that are made with technology and material that aren’t used today. To check if you are vintage, check the maker’s mark, patent, and country of origin on the toy. Or you can send the patent number on the box or toy to the US Patent Office, which will give you all the information regarding your vintage toys from their maker to their origin.
  • Rarity adds value: Vintage toys made in lesser quantity hold more value than the ones created in bulk. For example, suppose you have one of the 2,000 “Peanuts” royal blue beanie baby elephants in a darker blue coat that wasn’t originally intended. In that case, you have something valuable on your hands. 
  • Material matters a lot: The original oil-cloth, hand-drawn version of monopoly made in 1933 is indeed something vintage instead of the board ones available in the market. The same is the case with the metal used in Hot Wheels in the early 1970s now being replaced with plastic.
  • The condition of the vintage toy collection: Well, mint condition toys are considered more valuable than used ones. Mint condition means that the toy is in its original box, including instructions and all, and is never being used. 
  • Let the expert do all the restoration: If you want to sell your vintage cars that need a bit of painting or have missing parts, let an expert do that for you. To maintain your toy’s value, you need someone with good hands to work on your toys to make them look new.

How To Find Vintage Toy Prices

Before putting your vintage toys collection on auction, make sure you have checked the sites like Amazon or eBay. It would be best to look for the prices mentioned there and then say your own. So a simple and easy way to check the costs of your vintage toys is to Google it and look through all the famous sites for the models and condition of your toys collection.


Buying and selling vintage toys has increased over the past few years. People are getting bored with modern toys and are inclined to vintage ones. So if you have any vintage toy collection, card games, or any such thing in your attic or basement, then run for it and make some good extra cash.

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