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Alf Merch (From the 80s TV Series)

ALF is a television series that aired from 1986 to 1990. To this day, numerous people look for Alf merchandise to celebrate their love for the show – which follows the misadventures of an alien named Gordon Shumway, who is nicknamed “ALF” (short for Alien Life Form). ALF crash-landed on Earth and is taken in by a suburban family, the Tanners, who try to keep his existence a secret from the outside world. The show is a mix of comedy, science fiction, and family drama, and features ALF getting into various hijinks while learning about human culture and forming a bond with the Tanner family. The show became a pop culture phenomenon in the late 1980s, and ALF became a beloved character among audiences.

All Products & Gifts Inspired by Alf

ALF was voiced and puppeteered by Paul Fusco, who co-created the show with Tom Patchett. The show was known for its witty humor, catchy theme song, and its use of puppetry to bring ALF to life. The show spawned various merchandise and spin-offs, including an animated series and a made-for-TV movie. Below, you will find some of my favorite Alf merch and gift ideas for lovers of the show.