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Betty Boop Merch and Gift Ideas

Betty Boop is a cartoon created by Max Fleischer in the 1930s. She originally appeared in the film series Talkartoon and Betty Boop, released by Paramount Pictures. Betty has also been featured in numerous comic strips. Because of her popularity, if you’re looking for Betty Boop merchandise and gifts, you are in luck. There are several products inspired by this caricature jazz age flapper! We have selected some of the best Betty Boop T-Shirts, toys, and original merch. Take a look below. 

Our Best Betty Boop Merchandise and Toys

Betty Boop is a beloved jazz age flapper. She has a sophisticated look, including a round baby face with big eyes and a button nose – which makes for rather beautiful Betty Boop merchandise and paraphernalia, as the character design is very stylish. Betty Boop is one of the most best-known and popular characters in the cartoon world. Here are some gift ideas and Betty Boop inspired products you’ll probably enjoy.