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Tag: Henshin Cyborg & Microman

Welcome to our Henshin Cyborg & Microman gift ideas collection. Henshin Cyborg was a line of fully articulated 12″ figures initially developed by Takara in Japan, and derived from “Combat Joe“, a G.I. variant. Henshin Cyborg featured a transparent body that revealed “cybernetic implants” inside. In addition to the 12″ Henshin doll, there were four other figures created: Shonen Cyborg, a shorter 8″ boy; Cyborg Jaguar; the evil nemesis, King Waldar; and a Henshin Cyborg ally called Android A or possibly Android Ace. While in the midst of the Henshin Cyborg line, Takara decided they needed to make a scaled-down version of Henshin, and Microman was born.