Vintage Polly Pocket: Disney Hercules Playset

The playset features miniature scenes and settings inspired by the mythological world of ancient Greece as depicted in Disney’s “Hercules.” It includes elements like temples, columns, and other iconic landmarks from the movie.

  • Vintage Polly Pocket Disney Hercules Playset.
  • Captures the mythical and heroic world of Disney’s “Hercules”.
  • Compact and portable design with a book-like opening mechanism.
  • Includes miniature Polly Pocket and character figures, along with interactive elements for creative play within the epic world of ancient Greece.


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The Vintage Polly Pocket Disney Hercules Playset is a delightful and collectible toy that transports children and Disney fans to the mythical world of Disney’s “Hercules.” This playset captures the essence of the film’s heroic settings and characters.

Like other Polly Pocket playsets, this one is designed to be compact and portable. It often comes in a small, pocket-sized case with a hinged opening mechanism that resembles a book, making it easy to carry and play with anywhere.

Inside The Hercules Playset, you’ll find miniature Polly Pocket and Disney’s “Hercules” character figures, including Hercules, Megara, Phil, and others. These figures are intricately designed and allow children to reenact scenes from the movie or create their own epic adventures.

To enhance the play experience, the playset may include interactive features like moving parts, hidden compartments, or tiny accessories related to the film’s storyline, such as Hercules’ training equipment or mythical creatures. These interactive elements encourage imaginative storytelling and exploration of the mythological world.

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