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Create Your Dream Cosplay Props: Products, Ideas and Tips.

Your best cosplay props are yet to come! In this article you'll find classic and revolutionary cosplay prop-making materials (foam, clay, etc) and tips.
Create Your Dream Cosplay Props: Products, Ideas and Tips.

Cosplaying (or dressing up as a character from a work of fiction such as a comic, game or TV series) allows for the fantastic to happen. A lot of costumes seem impossible to replicate in the real world, yet we see incredible examples in conventions – example that can, honestly, make your day. Once a sort of sub-culture, cosplaying has become a popular and well-respected art form available to anyone. All you need is some materials (of which there are several types in varied price ranges, listed below) and your imagination and ingenuity.

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Foam is one of cosplayer’s favorite materials. Lightweight, easy to work with and capable of imitating all sorts of materials, foam is also rather inexpensive. There are several types of foam used in cosplaying and prop making. Foam sheets -which come in different densities– are excellent for larger surfaces, while forming foam is perfect for all sorts of details. Below you will find some of our favorite foam types and the accessories to work with it (such as cutting tools, adhesives, sandpaper and more). 

This neoprene foam sheet roll  comes in a variety of thickness sizes. It can be cut to size, you can use a heat gun to mold it to all types of shapes and apply paint to decorate it. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, it’s also waterproof and can withstand all types of weather conditions. 

This moldable sculpting foam clay is perfect for crafting pieces of armor and details for cosplay. Extremely easy to shape and mold, once the foam dries it remains flexible yet sturdy. A perfect substitute and/or addition to EVA foam. Not hazardous to use.

This lightweight, ergonomic and ultra-practical styrofoam electric cutter heats up in seconds. You can maneuver it effortlessly and create complex shapes in styrofoam, extruded polystyrene and expanded polystyrene, among others.

This high quality EVA foam is specifically designed for cosplay, costuming and crafting. It’s 6mm thick and measures 35in x 59in.

This 3 in 1 toolset contains 14 pieces that are ideal for shaping liquid foam (but also polymer clay and other materials you might need as well).

These foam sheets measure 9 by 12 inches and are easy to cut and shape. They are receptive to cyanoacrylate superglue and high-temperature hot glue.

Rotary tools are incredibly versatile instruments to have in your arsenal. Dremel’s cordless rotary tool offers the perfect combination of size, ergonomics, and power.

This sandpaper kit includes a total of 36 sheets, with 3 sheets of each grit: 120, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000.

This combo pack includes the catalyst that accelerates the curing of the glue. It can bond metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, rubber, leather, and glass, among others.

There are several books that, in addition to detailed videos you can find online, will guide you through the creation of different costumes and props. These books contain step-by-step instructions, photos and detailed graphics and patterns you can put to use immediately. 

Foamsmith: How to Create Foam Armor Costumes” is a book published by Punished Props Academy that helps you create stunning, comfortable pieces of costume armor as painlessly and cheaply as possible. 

The Cosplay Handbook is full of techniques, and tips for everyone interested in cosplay! Learn how to create your own patterns, costumes, props, photoshoots, and more.

Packed with more than 30 step-by-step demonstrations, this full step-by-step technique book on cosplay by cosplayer Kamui Cosplay (a.k.a. Svetlana Quindt) shows you how to easily create elaborate costumes and successful props. 

This handbook offers detailed, step-by-step instructions that cover the basics of sewing costumes. Written by Gillian Conahan, a skilled crafter and avid cosplayer.

In this book, Shawn Thorsson uses his unique blend of humor and insight to explain the tools, methods, and processes that you can use to create professional-looking science fiction and fantasy props and armor. 

This beginner’s guide shares favorite tricks and techniques from some of the community’s most imaginative artists. It contains step by step instructions for creating original costumes you’ll wear with pride. 

Polymer clay is a perfect component to design smaller accessories and details such as buckles, jewelry, weapon parts and others. Easy to work with, once dry it can imitate several materials and look incredibly realistic. 

This oven-bake modelling clayincludes 46 colors, 5 scuplting tools, 5 mica powder colors and 40 jewelry accessories, making it a perfect starting kit for all your clay needs.

Super Sculpey has a medium density that can be softened a bit if you work the clay in your hands, impressions don’t “pinch” or “drag” the clay, and sharp edges are easy to create without a hassle.

This beginner’s guide shares favorite tricks and techniques from some of the community’s most imaginative artists. It contains step by step instructions for creating original costumes you’ll wear with pride. 

This books covers the basics of polymer clay creation and all the techniques you need to create oven-clay projects: buttons, beads, jewelry, figurines, boxes, mosaics, and frames.

In Venetian glassmaking, millefiori are patterns of flowers, geometric shapes and dancing colors. This book covers them all, but for polymer clay!

Polymer Clay 101 teaches all the basics for crafting with polymer clay and includes hundreds of detailed photos, info on tools and supplies and projects.

And then there’s everything else you might want to acquire in order to continue working on you cosplay accessories and props. Glue, scissors, paints and more. 

This 20 pcs 10 sizes versatile professional paintbrushes set by Soucolor comes with a variety of shapes for different uses.

The bold and vibrant colors in this matte acrylic paint set by Craft Smart allows you to blend them to create a variety of shades and tints.

You will get total 18 boxes body glitter in different styles, suitable for your face, body, eye shadow, lips, cheeks, makeup and nail art.

With powerful heating system and 1800W high wattage, this hot air gun can fast heating to max temperature in seconds. Comes with five attachments for various applications.

This acrylic sealer spray provide a protective, clear matte finish. Easy and even application that works on a variety of surfaces from Cardboard and bisque to stone. 

This electric glue gun is ergonomic, small and safe. It includes 25 hot glue refill sticks to get you started right away. 

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