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Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kits for New Dungeon Masters

A collection of starter kits for ne Dungeons & Dragons players. Manuals, minis, dice sets, towers and trays, and much more for DnD.
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kits for New Dungeon Masters

Are you entering the world of D&D for the first time and considering becoming a Dungeon Master? Do you need some help getting started?

A Dungeon Master facilitates, narrates and referees the adventure of a group of players in the Dungeons and Dragons world. The equipment of a DM can range from a single dice set and an impromptu screen to a full-on display of D&D goodies such as mats, tokens, cards and much more.

“Wait… hold on a sec… let me check something…” – every DM ever

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Best DnD Starter Kits:

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