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Ten 20-Sided Die d20 Gift Ideas for the Roleplayer in Your Life

This is our collection of d20 gift ideas and products, including d20 mugs, plush d20s to hug for ages, t-shirts, and even d20 jewelry!

There isn’t a better element to symbolize the grandiosity or horror of a roleplaying throw than the d20. Destinies intertwine with their randomness, while empires are built and destroyed and arrows stuck in someone’s eye…

We have put together a collection of d20 gift ideas and products, ideal for honoring your favorite gamer on a birthday, Christmas, or special day. We have d20 mugs (not the same as 20-sided mugs!), plush d20s to hug for ages, d20 T-shirt to show off, and even d20 jewelry!

“With determination and dice, I am God.” ― Luke Rhinehart, The Dice Man

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Best D20 Merchandise:

Toy Vault 20 Sided Dice Danglers

Toy Vault 20 Sided Dice Danglers

  • Hang a pair of 20-sided dice from your rear-view mirror Others put up boring old 6-sided dice
  • Be the first one in your city to have a pair of d20s, and let your game geekiness show
  • This 20 sided dice dangler is the perfect ornament to hang in your car, or as a decoration in your room
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