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Custom and Unusual Dice Sets for DnD, RPG and Tabletop

A nice and complete set of dice is probably the most important tool you will need for a roleplaying night. These are some of our favourites!
10 Custom and Unusual Dice Sets for Roleplaying

A nice (or at least complete) set of dice is probably the most important tool you will need in for a roleplaying session. Well, and your imagination. But I guess you can’t just walk around miraculously succeeding at everything you attempt, so apart from strategy you will need some luck, or randomness.

If you roleplay, you probably know how it feels to open your bag (I’ve seen all kinds of awesome bags, they have to be up to the challenge of containing such beautiful objects) and choose your favorite die. There’s a magic to it. I still do all my important rolls with my ever-lasting forever-loved old blue d20, but these sets are not bad either.

Without further introduction, check out some of these one-of-a-kind dice sets

This list has the best dice for DnD. Alternatively, you can see ALL of our dice sets here.

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Best Dice Sets for D&D and Roleplaying:

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