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Fortnite Toys: Everything About the Collectible Figures and The Items

Fortnite has produced some of the best toys out there. Here's all of them, where to find them, and how the toy items work.
Fortnite Action Figures and Toys

Fortnite toys are a blast! You’ve got action figures that look just like your favorite game characters, Nerf blasters that mimic the in-game weapons (but shoot foam darts instead of bullets), LEGO sets to build Fortnite structures, and even plushies that are super cuddly. Oh, and don’t forget the cool costumes and gear that let you dress up like a Fortnite hero.

These toys aren’t just for playing – they’re awesome for collecting too. They give you a real-life piece of the Fortnite world. Plus, some of them come with codes to unlock stuff in the game, making them even more exciting. They’re for everyone, from little kids who love make-believe to older fans who just can’t get enough of the Fortnite universe. So, let’s take a look at the entire range of Fortnite toys (including the toy items you can get in-game). 

The Main Types of Fortnite Toys

The game’s vibrant and diverse world has inspired various types of toys. For example:

  • Action Figures: These figurines represent various characters from the game and are highly detailed, allowing fans to collect their favorite in-game personas. These action figures often come with interchangeable accessories and sometimes have articulated joints for posing.

  • Nerf Guns: Epic Games partnered with Nerf to create a line of blasters inspired by Fortnite weapons. These toys are typically safe, foam-based projectile blasters that resemble iconic weapons from the game.

  • LEGO Sets: LEGO has introduced building sets based on Fortnite. These sets enable fans to construct different in-game structures and scenes using LEGO bricks, which can be a great option for both playing and displaying.

  • Plush Toys: Plushies are popular among younger fans. They feature characters and items from Fortnite in a cuddly, soft form, appealing to those who prefer something more huggable.

  • Role-Playing Gear: Fortnite-inspired role-playing gear includes accessories like costumes, masks, and other props that allow fans to dress up as their favorite characters from the game, further immersing themselves in the Fortnite universe.

  • Collectibles: These range from miniature replicas of in-game items like supply llamas to larger collectible items that may not necessarily be for active play but are aimed at those who enjoy displaying and collecting Fortnite memorabilia.

Top Fortnite Action Figures

These figures are seriously awesome. They’re like mini versions of your favorite Fortnite characters, all decked out with crazy detail and accessories. You can pose ’em however you want ’cause they’ve got movable joints – it’s like they’re ready for action right out of the box! 

You’ve got the main Fortnite peeps, like Jonesy, Fishstick, and Peely. And some even come with sweet gear and weapons that you can swap out between figures. So if you want Jonesy rocking a different backpack or Peely wielding a new blaster, you can make it happen.

And hey, for the hardcore collectors, these action figures are the ultimate collectibles. They’re a must-have for any Fortnite fan looking to bring a piece of the game into the real world. Plus, some of these action figures come with exclusive in-game content – so you’re scoring some game bonuses along with an awesome collectible.

Fortnite Legendary Series 6-inch Action Figures

This series includes a variety of characters from Fortnite, such as Skull Trooper, The Visitor, Omega, and Tomatohead, each with its own set of accessories. Each figure in this series stands at a height of around 6 inches and is intricately designed, featuring impressive detail and accuracy to the in-game characters.

Each of these action figures comes with its own set of accessories, which can include back bling, weapons, harvesting tools, and other gear that fans of the game will instantly recognize. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlighted characters from this series:

  1. Skull Trooper: Known for its distinct skeletal design, the Skull Trooper action figure embodies the eerie and intimidating look from the game. It often comes with accessories like back bling, a harvesting tool, or other in-game gear.

  2. The Visitor: This enigmatic character known for the iconic interdimensional rift suit features a sleek and mysterious design. The action figure captures the otherworldly appearance of The Visitor, often accompanied by accessories that match its in-game style.

  3. Omega: As one of the more imposing and sought-after skins in Fortnite, the Omega action figure typically represents the formidable and futuristic look of this character. With its sleek armor and distinct features, the figure might come with accessories that mirror its in-game persona.

  4. Tomatohead: This figure portrays the fun and vibrant Tomatohead skin from Fortnite, representing a mascot-like character donning a tomato head. The action figure usually includes accessories related to the character, adding to the playful and unique appearance.

Fortnite Victory Series 12-inch Action Figures

These larger figures come with more intricate details and include characters like The Foundation and The Scientist. The Fortnite Victory Series introduces a range of larger action figures, standing at approximately 12 inches tall, that delve deeper into the detailed representation of popular Fortnite characters. The increased size allows for even more intricate and precise designs, capturing the essence of these in-game personas in a more comprehensive way.

Two notable characters from this series are:

  1. The Foundation: A significant and pivotal character within the Fortnite storyline, The Foundation embodies a powerful, enigmatic figure central to the Zero Crisis storyline in the game. The larger 12-inch action figure showcases an increased level of detail, capturing the nuances of The Foundation’s design, from the distinctive armor to the symbolic tattoos and facial features. The figure often comes with various accessories or gear that are emblematic of the character’s role within the game’s narrative.

  2. The Scientist: Another key character in the Fortnite universe, The Scientist is known for his appearance during the “The End” event and is tied to the game’s overarching lore. The 12-inch action figure replicates The Scientist’s intricate attire, capturing the character’s unique style and design elements with heightened precision. This larger size allows for a more detailed representation of the character’s features, from the facial characteristics to the specific outfit details, often accompanied by accessories true to the in-game persona.

Fortnite Solo Mode Core Figures

These 4-inch action figures feature popular Fortnite skins like Ragnarok, Drift, and Raven, with interchangeable accessories. They bring to life some of the most sought-after and iconic skins from the game, offering a more compact yet detailed representation of these popular characters. These figures, though smaller in size, pack a punch in terms of detail and accessories.

Some notable skins and characters represented in this series are:

  1. Ragnarok: This figure encapsulates the formidable and evolving nature of the Ragnarok skin from Fortnite. The smaller size doesn’t compromise the intricate details, showcasing the character’s Viking-inspired appearance, complete with interchangeable accessories, allowing fans to customize Ragnarok’s appearance according to their preferences.

  2. Drift: Known for its stylish and evolving appearance throughout different tiers, the Drift action figure captures the essence of this dynamic character. The figure might include different heads or gear, reflecting the various stages of Drift’s evolution within the game.

  3. Raven: A highly popular and mysterious skin in Fortnite, the Raven action figure mirrors the skin’s dark and enigmatic look, often featuring interchangeable accessories that include back bling, weapons, or other in-game gear associated with the Raven skin.

Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Figures

This line offers mini action figures, usually standing at around 2 inches tall. It includes various characters and skins from the game, such as Skull Trooper, Black Knight, and Cuddle Team Leader.

The Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Figures cater to fans who enjoy collecting smaller, more compact versions of their beloved Fortnite characters and skins. Standing at around 2 inches tall, these mini action figures may be diminutive in size, but they pack a lot of detail and personality, offering an appealing way to amass a diverse range of Fortnite characters.

Some of the well-loved characters and skins represented in this series include:

  1. Skull Trooper: One of the most iconic skins in Fortnite, the mini Skull Trooper figure mirrors the distinctive skeletal design and often comes with tiny but accurate accessories, capturing the essence of the in-game character.

  2. Black Knight: A highly sought-after skin, the Black Knight figure represents the formidable and knightly appearance from the game, showcasing intricate armor details in its miniaturized form.

  3. Cuddle Team Leader: Known for its playful and cuddly appearance, the Cuddle Team Leader figure embodies the adorable and vibrant design of this particular skin, reflecting the character’s cuddly bear costume.

The charm of the Battle Royale Collection Figures lies not only in their compact size but also in the possibility of accumulating a variety of characters from the Fortnite universe. Collectors can amass a diverse array of mini figures, creating their own little assembly of favorite Fortnite skins or characters.

Fortnite Turbo Builder Set with Raven Figure

This set includes a Raven figure and a variety of building materials that resemble the building mechanic in Fortnite, allowing fans to recreate scenes from the game.

The Fortnite Turbo Builder Set with the included Raven figure is a unique offering that merges the virtual world of Fortnite with a physical building experience. This set not only provides fans with a collectible Raven action figure but also introduces an interactive element that replicates the building mechanics present in the game.

Key features of the Turbo Builder Set with Raven Figure:

  1. Raven Figure: The set features a Raven action figure, capturing the enigmatic and popular character from Fortnite. The figure often embodies the distinct dark and mysterious appearance of Raven and comes with accompanying accessories that match the in-game persona.

  2. Building Materials: What sets this set apart is the inclusion of building materials that resemble the construction elements within Fortnite. These materials often comprise building pieces or blocks that can be assembled and connected, emulating the process of building structures in the game.

The set allows fans to recreate scenes from Fortnite by constructing their own miniature structures, forts, or scenes using the included building materials. This not only adds a creative and interactive element to the play experience but also encourages imaginative and hands-on engagement with the game’s core mechanics outside of the digital realm.

Fortnite In-Game Toy Items

Fortnite features in-game toy items that add an interactive and fun dimension to the gameplay experience. These toys are essentially items that can be deployed within the game, offering various entertaining and strategic uses for players. They bring a playful element to the battle royale world and can have both practical and amusing effects during matches.

Here are a few types of in-game toy items in Fortnite:

  1. Impulse Grenades: These act like bouncy toys, propelling players or opponents away upon impact. They’re great for maneuvering across the map quickly or for creating chaos during battles.

  2. Boogie Bombs: When thrown, they cause players within their radius to start dancing uncontrollably for a short period. It’s a playful item that momentarily disables opponents, giving you the upper hand in combat.

  3. Port-a-Forts: These items, when thrown, instantly erect a pre-built fort. They’re great for quick defensive tactics, allowing players to create cover or vantage points in the midst of battle.

  4. Chiller Grenades: Upon impact, these release an icy surface that causes players to slide uncontrollably. They’re ideal for disrupting opponents’ movements or giving yourself a swift exit.

  5. Stink Bombs: These release a cloud of gas upon impact, causing damage to opponents over time. They’re excellent for flushing out enemies from their hiding spots or for causing gradual damage in tight situations.

  6. Remote Explosives: These are items that players can place and then remotely detonate. They’re excellent for setting traps or demolishing opponent-built structures.

These in-game toy items serve as both strategic tools and elements of fun. They add variety to the gameplay and offer players different tactics to use during matches. Whether it’s for creating chaos, strategic planning, or just adding an entertaining element to the game, these toys provide a unique and engaging aspect to the Fortnite gaming experience. Players often strategically use these items in different ways to outwit opponents and gain advantages in battles, adding an extra layer of excitement and creativity to the game.

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