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Retro Gigantor and Tetsujin 28-Go Gift Ideas & Products

ZOOM, goes the flying Tetsujin! Explore gift ideas, products, and special merchandise from the beloved series Gigantor and Tetsujin 28-Go.
Retro Gigantor and Tetsujin 28-Go Gift Ideas & Products

Gigantor is an anime from 1963, adapted from the manga Tetsujin 28-go which was first released in 1956. A new series was produced in 1980 in Japan, later shown as The New Adventures of Gigantor on the Sci Fi Channel.

Beloved by many, we thought it was a great idea to honor Gigantor and Tetsujin 28-Go with some gifts and products you can directly from Amazon.

Goes the flying Tetsujin
Number 28, go!

Best Gigantor & Tetsuji 25-Go Merchandise:

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