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Top 10 Comics for First Time Readers

There is a wide and wild world out there for those interested in comics, but trying to decide where to begin can be a bit overwhelming. Start here!
Top 10 Comics for First Time Readers

Beginning to read comics can be a bit overwhelming – where to start? That’s why we have compiled some of our favorite comics that are great for first-times or those not familiar with the less popular heroes.

So, how do you begin reading comics? Back in the day, and this still applies today, of course, you could ask your friendly comic shop employee to recommend you something based on other things you like. Unfortunately, not everyone has a comic store nearby (I had to travel 15 km for mine, and I still consider myself lucky), but we now have the Internet :)

Something to point out is that you usually don’t need to start with the first issue of a comic to get into the story, especially if that first issue was created forty years ago. Still, there is an increasing trend of re-publishing the first issues every three or four years, so you can do it if you want. Single-shot comics are usually good for beginners because they start and end a story in one volume. We have a nice selection of those too, check them out here.

What’s important is that you explore and find writers and illustrators that you enjoy. You will quickly realize if a certain style doesn’t work for you, just keep in mind the world of comics is wide and varied, and there are as many choices as you can get with movies and novels (talking of which, if you have seen a comic-based movie don’t expect the stories to match, movies are short and must cover things efficiently, while comics can take their time and go deeper into character stories).

Some of our selections you probably know (great issues of Batman and Superman, for example), and others you might have never heard of. There is a comic for everyone, and each person is quite different, but here are some comic classics and hidden gems that are considered excellent quality nonetheless.

Best Comics for Beginners:

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