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Top 10 Web Comics Published As Books

While some web comic artists prefer to publish only online, others have chosen to also step into print. Here are the best printed web comics.
Top 10 Web Comics Published As Books

Webcomics can be compared to self-published print comics in that almost anyone can create their own and publish them. Thanks to the internet, we can access people’s work in an easy, straightforward way. And while some artists prefer to publish only online, others have chosen to also step into print.

Because webcomics provide much more creative freedom, artists can experiment with nontraditional styles. There are comics that look simply drawn, but where ideas are the true protagonist (Dinosaur Comics, for example, always uses the same graphics, and they are still one of the most awesome comics out there). There are also webcomics that look like collages, that use photographs, typewriting strips, and such to create original styles.

Some of these webcomics would be quite difficult to reproduce on paper, but that’s also part of the charm. A webcomic artist has an infinite canvas to work with, where dimensions don’t matter and animations or interactive elements can be used freely.

Fortunately for those who still enjoy holding real paper in their hands, though, lots of webcomics follow a more traditional or newspaper-y layout. We have made a selection of the best webcomics that got turned into books and that you can buy straight from Amazon. You can also find links to the author’s website and their online comics :)

Best Web Comic Books:

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