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Geeky Vintage Series & Cartoons T-Shirts

Are you looking for a unique and geeky T-Shirt inspired by vintage cartoons, TV series, and movies? You’re not alone. These tees don’t just celebrate your love for old classics, but they also tend to be extremely colorful and vibrant. Because there’s quite a large selection here, I’ve divided the tees into two broad categories (which match how the original cartoons and toys were marketed and sold as toys): Girl’s and Boy’s. Of course, this is just a technical distinction, as I firmly believe you can like whatever you like, no matter your gender. 

Tees Inspired by "Girly" Vintage Cartoons and Toys

Some classic “girly” cartoons and toy lines include She-Ra Princess of Power, My Little Pony, Jem & The Holograms, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, and many more. You can click on all these links to see the full range of vintage merchandise, including the original toys (which you can get second-hand). See all girly cartoon tees >

Tees Inspired by "Boyish" Vintage Cartoons and Toys

Typical “boyish” or “manly” cartoons and toys include Transformers, He-Man & Masters of the Universe, and Thundercats. See all boy cartoon tees >