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Geeky Vintage Boy Cartoon Tees

Welcome to my collection of crated T-shirts and tops based on vintage “boyish” TV series and cartoons. I truly hope these tees bring back some good memories. I didn’t watch all of these, but I sat next to my brother for quite a few of them so I’ve done my best to select stuff he would like, too. If you want to see complete merchandise collections inspired by vintage boys cartoons, you can use the icons below to explore a little more.

Here are my favorite T-shirts and tops inspired by “boysih” vintage TV series, cartoons, and anime. Most of these are available in different sizes and colors, all you need to do is follow the links (most go to Amazon as there’s a great selection there, but vintage items link to eBay). I hope you enjoy these!

Tees Inspired by "Girlish" Vintage Cartoons and Toys

Some classic “girly” cartoons and toy lines include She-Ra Princess of PowerMy Little PonyJem & The HologramsCare BearsRainbow Brite, and many more.