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Think Geek Portal: Life-Size Inflatable Turret

Inspired by the iconic video game series, this inflatable turret brings the world of Portal to life in your own home. Standing at a formidable height, it’s perfect for decorating your gaming room or adding a touch of gaming nostalgia to your space.

  • Inflatable turret from the video games Portal & Portal 2.
  • Life-size inflatable.
  • Stands 40″ tall when inflated.
  • Use it to protect your home and loved ones.



Prepare for a fun-filled invasion with the Think Geek Portal: Life-Size Inflatable Turret.

The turret features the distinctive design and details of its virtual counterpart, complete with menacing eyes and a humorous expression. Easy to inflate and display, this life-size turret is a must-have for Portal fans and collectors. Let this inflatable turret stand guard and add a playful twist to your gaming adventures. Get ready to activate your imagination and dive into the Portal universe with the Think Geek Portal: Life-Size Inflatable Turret.

From Aperture Labs:

Drastic times call for drastic measures, friends of Science. Aperture Science had to make some cutbacks to the production line when OSHA shut down the main plant. Something about air quality or lead paint in the water pipes. Silly, really. That’s what waivers are for. Anyhoo, we can’t get you any real, bullet-firing turrets, but we did manage to hijack a pool float factory long enough to make a bunch of these inflatable ones.

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