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Diablo III Chess Set – Demons & Angels Limited Edition

This exquisite chess set brings the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell to your tabletop. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the set features intricately sculpted chess pieces representing iconic characters from the Diablo III universe.

  • A Limited Edition Diablo Collectors Chess Set.
  • Comes with 32 custom pieces made of metal and heavyweight polystone.
  • Includes a beautifully designed unique box.
  • Keep in mind: The board is not included.



This incredibly detailed limited edition Diablo III chest set debuted at BlizzCon 2014 and features 32 custom sculpted pieces, molded in heavyweight polystone and metal. The Diablo III chess set figures are also incredibly detail-painted for a set that’s truly a work of art. It’s packaged in a box befitting a battle between heaven and hell. This item is one of the most sought-after Diablo products out there, but there’s one thing you will need to keep in mind: It doesn’t include a board. For a time, the chess set was available through Bizzard Gear, but nowadays you can only get it second hand.

Choose to command the forces of the High Heavens as the angelic Seraphim or embrace the darkness as the demonic Hellspawn. The chessboard itself is a work of art, depicting the fiery depths of Hell and the ethereal realms of Heaven. Immerse yourself in the immersive world of Diablo III as you strategize, outmaneuver, and triumph over your opponent. Limited to a special edition release, this chess set is a true collector’s item for fans of the Diablo series. Unleash the ultimate battle of good versus evil with the Diablo III Chess Set – Demons & Angels Limited Edition and let the games begin!

The Diablo chess set includes the Demons: Pawn – Fallen Rook – Belial Knight – Azmodan Bishop – Baal Queen – D3 Diablo King – Mephisto; and the Angels: Pawn – “Common” Angel Rook – Ithereal Knight – Tyrael Bishop – “Good” Malthael Queen – Auriel King – Imperius.

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