DnD Cheese Dice: Do They Exist? And Where Can You Get The Cheese Dice Set?

DnD cheese dice have exploded in popularity. However, there's more to the story of Dungeons & Dragons dairy inventions.
The true story behind cheese dice sets for D&D

When these appeared online, Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts who also happen to love cheese colectively lost their minds. The DnD cheese dice certainly made waves (dairy waves?). I, for one, almost bought them through a Facebook advertisement I was convinced was both authentic and behind the amazing design that is these yellow cheesy dice. However, I soon realized there was more to this story. I saw that cheese dice were actually… not really what they seemed. So let’s take a look at what happened here, and whether you can buy DnD cheese dice yourself. 

DnD Dice: Myth or Reality?

I won’t waste your time creating a story around how DnD cheese dice took the internet by storm. I’ll just say: We wanted these. And suddenly, shops all around the globe were offering them, it seemed. But these shops had not created nor did they offer real DnD cheese dice like the beautiful bites we had seen in that “Camembert” little wooden box. 

This is because the creator of DnD cheese dice made them for themselves and showed them on Reddit. And scammers took the pictures and sold fake products that looked nothing like the pictures. 

Here’s the original thread if you want to read about the true person behind cheese dice: https://www.reddit.com/r/DicePorn/comments/k0xqqi/cheese_dice/

Who Created the Cheese Dice?

The cheese dice were created by user Kyranaomi (or Dutchydice on Instagram). They describe themselves as “Parttime dicemaker, fulltime dice enthusiast from the Netherlands. DM me if you are interested in one of my sets. Cheese dice…not edible…

Are These Cheesy Dice for Sale?

Dutchydice made these DnD cheese dice for themselves, and not to sell them. However, many saw an opportunity for a quick buck and used their pictures to promote a supposedly identical product. Those who believed they were actually buying original cheese dice reported the imitations were of poor quality and looked nothing like Dutchdice’s. 

So… You Can’t Buy the Cheese Dice?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t buy them yet. We’re hoping Dutchydice will change their mind and put them up for sale at some point, but these reportedly took hours to make because the holes are drilled. so you can’t imagine the process to make cheese dice is not the easiest. Now, for the good news. You can’t get these dice but there are some alternatives that, even though they look different, have a similar vibe. You can find our selection of DnD cheese dice and cheese-inspired dice below.

Where To Buy DnD Cheese Dice (and Cheese-Looking Dice)

There are some cheese dice sets you can get on Amazon. These don’t look as good as Duchydice’s, but are a good start if you want to, for example, customize them or use them as inspiration to create your own. We have also added a few dice sets that would look great next to a cheese set. 

These seven polyhedral cheese dice are a great addition to your culinary dice collection. The numbers haven’t been painted, so they are a little difficult to see. You can easily use acrylic paint to fix it if you prefer them to have the number in color. 

Although these dice don’t look like cheese, they can look great next to a DnD cheesy dice set!

These translucent yellow dice actually look like cheese too. Translucent cheese!

These yelow dice are perfect for creating your own DIY DnD cheese dice. 

These marble dice have a combination of yellow and white streaks and the numbers in blue. Quite cheesy.

These Celtic-inspired dice are also a bit cheesy-looking. A perfect addition for a collection.

These golden solid dice will jump level up your cheese game even more.

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