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DnD Bath Bombs: Bathing in Dungeons & Dragons Style

Looking for relaxing and fantasy RPG-inspired bath ideas? Here are the best DnD bath bombs for a perfect short or long rest.
Galactcspa planet bath bombs

We all know the importance of some well-deserved relaxation times – particularly before or after a session of Dungeons & Dragons. Now, if you like baths and you like bubbles, we have a treat. This article will cover the best DnD bath bombs so you can gift yourself or others a special and inspiring time. Now, not all of these (or.. any of them?) are directly manufactured with D&D in mind. Rather, they are inspired by fantasy roleplaying or can be included in a gift basket for your DM or fellow DnD players. Believe me, if I made bath bombs I would definitely hide goblins and gems in them! But until I change careers, these products should do the trick.

Hang On, What if I Make My Own DnD Bath Bombs?

Oh, then you can create your own DnD bath bombs and don’t need to worry about purchasing fantasy-inspired ones! It’s rather easy to make a bath bomb, all you need is in the table below.

Ingredients to make your own DnD bath bombs at home: 

  • 100 grams of bicarbonate of soda
  • 25 grams of cornflower
  • 50 grams of citric acid
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or any other oil you like
  • A couple of drops of food coloring
  • Optional; 25 grams of Epson salts.
  • Optional: Lavender, flower petals, fruit peels, etc.

Accessories to make your own DnD bath bombs: 

  • A mixing bowl to mix all ingredients
  • A whisker (for the same purpose)
  • Plastic molds with DnD-inspired shapes. Some mold ideas if you can’t buy one:
    • Pudding pots
    • Easter egg packaging
    • Ice cube trays
    • Christmas tree decorations

Now, how do you make a DnD bath bomb? The process is rather straightforward:

  1. First, mix all components except the oil and food coloring.
  2. Then, add the oil and coloring and mix well again, and add the ‘decorative’ elements.
  3. Put the mix in the bowl and let dry for 2-4 hours.

Advantages (and Precautions) of a DnD Bath

Bath bombs are very popular, but just like anything in life, they have pros and cons. 

One of their main benefits is that they are a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful day. They are also fun to watch and hear (who doesn’t like that fizzing sound?!). However, bath bombs are not recommended for sensitive skin. No matter if your bath bombs are DnD themed or not, you should be aware of:

  • Fragrances: Both essential oils and artificial fragrances can irritate the skin. Check what these are before buying a bath bomb.
  • Dyes: Natural and artificial dyes both add color to your bath, but they can also contain chemicals that you might be sensitive to. 
  • Talc: Avoid bath bombs with talc. It’s been linked to some health risks, so it’s best not to use them. 

To enjoy a great DnD bath, check the ingredients of anything you are purchasing and take your bath bomb for a test drive. It’s also helpful if you limit your baths to 15 minutes and rinse off well when coming out of them. Lastly, don’t use bath bombs every day. They are incredibly fun, but everything in moderation is applied to DnD-inspired baths too. 

Ideas for making DnD bath bombs

Where To Buy DnD Inspired Bath Bombs

Geting DnD Bath Bombs You Can Get Online

One of the easiest ways to find DnD bath bombs is through Amazon. There are loads of ideas there you can use for a Dungeons & Dragons inspired bath. As we mentioned, these are not necessarily tagged as such in the platform, but we think they are a great option and will look amazing in any gift basket. So here are our favorite DnD bath bomb ideas (please note that the links below are Amazon affiliate links. If you buy something I get a commission – this happens at no extra cost to you):

These handmade DnD-looking bath bombs are rich in essential oils and shea butter. Perfect for a fantasy-themed bath.

These bombs are a perfect addition to a DnD bath bomb collection, as they are shaped like colorful and shiny eggs. 

Another beautiful creation from Galacticspa, these star-shaped bath bombs are also ideal for a unique fantasy bath.

These bath bombs are incredibly colorful and can math the different DnD classes or occupations.

Doing well and keeping wealthy in your DnD campaign? This bath bomb is shaped like a diamond. Who doesn’t want one?

Now, look at these pastries and fancy cakes! They are bath bombs, too! They could belong in those DnD inns you are never allowed.

Geode Bath Bombs ($20.00)

These bath bombs look like geodes. They might be the prettiest bath bombs out there and a perfect DnD gift idea.

These bath bombs are great for aromatherapy and also look and smell great. Not exactly DnD but of great quality.

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