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Hellfire Club: What Is It, Why Did Stranger Things Use it, and Where to Get Merch

Several groups have received the name Hellfire Club. So why did Stranger Things use it, and where can you get the best merchandise today?
What is Hellfire Club and Where to Find Great Merch

One of the most memorable groups of people in Season four of the TV hit Stranger Things is Hellfire Club, a Dungeons & Dragons society led by student Eddie Munson. In the months after the release of the season, we’ve seen Hellfire Club merchandise populate shops all around the world. But what is this club, exactly, and is there any historical context to it? Let’s take a look.

What is the Hellfire Club?

In the series Stranger Things, produced by Netflix, the Hellfire Club is a Dungeons & Dragons society with many members, such as Eddie Munson (the ‘leader’ and Dungeon Master), Dustin, Lucas, and Mike. They form a D&D party following the “Cult of Vecna” campaign. The campaign happens during the year 1986 and is followed by a string of horrific crimes committed in the town of Hawkins. Inspired by the campaign, Dustin and his friends dub the murderer “Vecna”.

The D&D Hellfire Club has a bad reputation (to say the least), in large part due to the strange events happening in Hawkins such as the appearance of the Upside Down and the subsequent rise of media fears around satanism and demonic worshipping among students. Members of the club are considered “lost sheep” or outsiders, as long as they attended campaign nights!

Was There a Real Hellfire Club?

In fact, yes, there were a few Hellfire Clubs throughout history – but they were not Dungeons & Dragons societies. Rather, they referred to meeting places for “persons of quality” that wanted to participate in what society deemed immoral acts. Nope, not that kind! Politics, mostly. 

The first official Hellfire Club was founded in 1718, in London. Many others used the same name throughout the 18th Century. Sir Francis Dashwood’s club, for example, had its members perform “obscene parodies of religious rites” and practiced pagan “sacrifices” (well, that’s what its detractors said). We now know that Dashwood’s encounters did include mock rituals, but mostly drinking, banqueting, and visits from female “guests”. 

Where to Find Hellfire Club Merch

One thing is certain: Even though the Stranger Things Hellfire Club and Dashwood’s meetings had little in common, it’s the former that has the best branding! It doesn’t get much better than the demon head with the sword, morningstar, and roleplaying dice. This is why in the last months, we’ve seen a frenzy in people trying to get the best Hellfire Club merchandise – which is, luckily, quite easy to find! So, without further ado, below you can see our favorite Hellfire Club apparel, accessories, and merch for Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts.

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