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Top Mystery Dice Bags for D&D and Roleplaying

Does your dice collection grow and you are eager for a surprise? Here are the best-reviewed D&D dice mystery bags and where to get them.

If you enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons or other roleplaying games, you’re probably pretty attached to (at least some of) your dice. I like to have at least one set that is specific to each of my characters and somewhat illustrates what they are all about (skeletal dice for my dark mage, silver dice for my paladin, etc). Although planning for these ‘sets’ is fun, once in a while I also enjoy buying mystery dice bags.

With mystery bags or dice sets, there’s always the element of surprise. In a lot of cases, though, you also have a chance to get the fancier dice that you (I mean I, of course) can’t typically afford. Or find something that I wouldn’t have considered if I was browsing the sites but suddenly I begin to feel attached to. 

I thought it would be a good idea to collect the best-reviewed mystery dice bags around and showcase them all here, so you can give them a try, too. 

What's a Mystery Dice Bag?

Dice are an integral part of playing D&D as they are used to determine the outcomes of various actions and events in the game (like whether your attack hits or how much damage you cause). In the context of Dungeons & Dragons, a Mystery Dice Bag refers to a bag or pouch containing a random assortment of dice.

As you probably know, a typical set of D&D dice consists of seven different types of polyhedral dice: a 4-sided die (d4), a 6-sided die (d6), an 8-sided die (d8), a 10-sided die (d10), a percentile die (d100), a 12-sided die (d12), and a 20-sided die (d20). Each die type is used for specific purposes, such as rolling for damage, determining skill checks, or resolving combat actions.

A mystery dice bag, as the name suggests, contains a random selection of these seven types of dice. The bag’s contents are usually a surprise, and you won’t know the specific dice you’ll receive until you open it. 

And Why Do I Want a Mystery Dice Bag?

Easy: Mystery dice bags are popular among D&D players who like to expand their dice collection or those who enjoy the thrill of discovering new dice designs. As I mentioned above, there’s always the joy of not knowing what you will receive. But mystery dice baggies also make for a great gift.

Top Mystery Dice Bags and Where to Get Them

Let me show you some of the mystery dice I have personally found interesting and satisfying. I’ll include a few different options, from both online stores and personal sites. I have no affiliation with any of these, so you can shop with confidence :)

5 stars from 7 reviews

In this mystery box option from Gate Keepers Games, you can choose between a 7-die set, an 11-die set, or a bulk dice pack (12d6, etc.) There are over 120 sets available, and the deal guarantees no duplicates. All dice sets are made with premium resin (not cheap acrylic filled with air bubbles!) and come in a nice little bag. 

Mystery Dice - Random sets from D&D Dice
4.8 stars from 643 reviews

The Mystery Standard Set from D&D Dice is a VERY affordable option when it comes to mystery bags. We’re talking just $3 for a mini set and $6 for a standard set (the Premium dice are $10. You can find all of these on the link provided). In fact, the company even offers mystery metal sets – something you can’t normally find in other shops. 

4.9 stars from 28 reviews

Dark Elf Dice’s mystery dice swag bags are premium, first-run dice created for serious roleplaying gamers. What’s different about their sets is that there are many types of mystery bags you can get. For example, the basic ones include colorful, good-quality dice but there are also dragon swag bags, mystery liquid bags, and neat dice boxes. Plus, Dark Elf Dice is family owned and operated. 

Dice Envy Mystery Luxe Bundle

Dice Envy Mystery Dice Sets ($10.99 – $55)

5 stars from 4 reviews

Dice Envy offers four mystery sets. The cheapest is the Mystery 10 Piece Set, which costs $10.99. The same option but in metal is $19.99, and there is a Mystery Luxe Bundle for $55. This last option includes roleplaying dice made of finely crafted wood or semi-previous stone. The Luxe set also comes with a chic dice clutch to carry your polished wares.

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