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Kirby Merch & Gift Ideas

Kirby is a popular Nintendo game. It was developed by HAL laboratory and follows the adventures of a pink hero as he tries to protect his home (Planet Popstar) from different threats. In this section, I’ve compiled some of my favorite Kirby merchandise – both vintage and new. I’ve included a few different options, such as Kirby apparel, accessories, plushes, and toys, so you can surprise a loved one or make a gift to yourself if you love Kirby too. 

New Kirby Toys, Apparel, and Accessories

Here are what I consider the top Kirby products you can get today f rom shopping sites. I’ve chosen a little bit of everything, so you have a selection of ideas to gift others or yourself. If you’re looking for vintage toys, just keep scrolling. The next section has the things you can buy if you’re looking for second-hand Kirby merch.

Vintage Kirby Merch (And Where to Find It)

Like all great games, there’s a nice collection of vintage Kirby merchandise you can still find today  – if you know where to look! The most popular products are the Takara 1993 Kirby plushes, which tend to go for about $100-$300 today (ost of them are sent from Japan, where Kirby was and continues to be VERY popular). These plushes are available through sites like eBay.

This Kirby plush was made in 1993 by Takara. It’s also known as the “no tag smile” Kirby plush toy.

This Kirby plush was also made in 1993 by Takara bu features a Cowboy Kirby!

This orange Kirby plush, released in 1993 as well, seems to be crying. It was made by Takara, too.

This blue Kirby plush is also known as the freeze Kirby. It was also released in 1993 by Takara.

Looking for more Nintendo merchandise and vintage game products? Here are some: